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49th Squadron's Jumbo Jamboree for 2003

On August 23, 2003 the Squadron held their annual "Jumbo Jamboree". Nearly 30 pilots registered bring 38 aircraft. Although we ususally complain about a cross wind...for this years' Jamboree by late afternoon it was a welcome relief from the 100 degree temperature. We wish to thank all of our sponsor who provided pilot give aways. See link to our sponsors.

Crosswind is apparent in this view of the pits looking north.

View of the pits looking south.

View of our noon lineup of model aircraft for the public to come down and get closeup views.

Beautifully completed Great Planes model of Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300

Couple of PT-19's were included in the noon lineup. No. 24 is Squadron members's Mike McMasters Hanger 9 version.

View of Charlie Robinson's P-51 Mustang in lineup

Monocoupe on the lingup...flew very scale like.

The "yellow" side of the lineup with J-3, Tiger Moth, and Monocoupe.

Another view of lineup with Charlie's P-51 and John Caoile's Christen Eagle.

Charlie Robinson built his Pica P-51 "Opal Lee" to be like the original WWII Ace pilots' Fred Allison. Mr. Allison also attended our fly-in.

Closer view of "Opal Lee".

Very nice P-51...didn't fly today but we're all anxious to see it in the air! Charlie indicated that the original pilot (Fred Allison) was modest and didn't want him to show all 7.5 kills marks.

Charlie is with the original pilot of his P-51...Ace Fred Allison. The 49th Squadron was honored to have him present and to meet him.

John Caoile's Byrons Christen Eagle on the lineup. Powered by a Quadra 42 and 18x8 prop.

Christen Eagle in a fly-by.

On approach

Christen Eagle taxi's back...still in one piece.

KC Star photographer Aaron Lindberg (left) snapped many shots but then couldn't resist his hand at flying on a buddy box with pilot Rob Lyman from Lincoln, NE.